Who is bcallor

Bcallor lives in the city between the canyons-quite literally. His front room window provides picturesque views of the most majestic of our nation’s purple mountains-which are snow-capped most of the year, hence the explicative moniker, “Greatest Snow on Earth.” He enjoys reading, writing, running, cycling, hiking, and playing with his children and Bassett Hound puppy, Furgy.

Bcallor works for Utah State Office of the Medical Examiner and has “seen it all” – until tomorrow’s shift when he reviews case files and says, “I thought I had seen it all until now.” Every day is an adventure for bcallor and that is why he has decided to record them here at wordpress.com and share them with you. (That is to say, those that can be shared with the public.) Of course, in the words of the immortal Sergeant Joe Friday (Jack Webb), “The names have been changed…” You know the rest.

That being said, bcallor enjoys writing and hopes that his words may educate the public regarding true practices at the Office of the Medical Examiner as opposed to those expressed on television, and offer some entertainment as well. If he is succesful in honing his craft bcallor desires someday to publish his writings.

Bcallor’s favorite quote by Ernest Hemingway: “I have tried simply to write the best I can; sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can.”


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