Rise to Success

I just wanted to let you know about a huge online event that’s coming up.

Over 40 top authors and entrepreneurs will be speaking.

Big names like Verne Harnish
, Jeff Walker, Tucker Max
, David Allen
, Gretchen Rubin
, Barbara Corcoran
, Perry Marshall
, Mel Abraham
, Ruth Soukup
, Cal Newport
, Scott Oldford
, T. Harv Eker
, John Lee Dumas
, and lots more.

And since I know the host, I got you a free ticket.

I got you free tickets to an online event that’s coming up…

The event is called the Self-Publishing Success Summit.

And the speakers are going to show you how to go from “no idea” to your published book — or turned the book you wrote into a bestseller.

Then you’ll learn how to use your book to build your brand, following, or 6-figure business that lets you share what you’re good at with the world.

Here’s the best part: These guest speakers have never been together at one event before.

And some of these speakers charge thousands of dollars to attend ONE their live events.

But you can see all of them in one place for free — you don’t even have to leave your house.

Check out this online event (I got you free tickets)

And the event’s broken down into 3 phases, so it’s easy to put to use. Here’s just a few of the speakers’ presentations:

Writing: Ray Edwards, Claire Diaz-Ortiz, Jeff Goins,Gretchen Rubin, David Allen, and Jay Papisan

Marketing/Publishing: Michael Hyatt, John Jantsch, Chris Brogan, Grant Cardone, and Gary Vaynerchuck.

Monetizing: Crystal Paine, Hal Elrod, Josh Shipp, Verne Harnish, and T. Harve Eker.

I can’t wait to hear these speakers!

Get your free ticket now:

Get your free ticket to this awesome online event.

Hope to see you there,

-Brandon Callor

P.S. I’m really excited to attend this online event, and I want you to be there too. Pick up your free ticket (it takes 10 seconds).

Claim your free ticket to Self-Publishing Success Summit. 


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