Return on Investment

If you clicked on this blog post hoping to read tips on investing, then you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m so sorry friend, but I’m not going to talk about money market accounts or dividends here.

I’m talking about anything you purchase upon which you might place added value for years to come.

For example, many years ago my wife and I were newly married and shopping around for a bed. Have you found yourself in the following situation? She wants soft, you want stiff. She wants queen-size, you want California king.

Thankfully, we agreed on one important thing – initial cost was not a factor. We decided that the most important deciding factor was our return on investment.

Let me tell you what I mean. We figured that we spent as much time sleeping as we did working. By the way, this was before kids when 8 hours of sleep was realistic. But still, a third of our day was spent laying on a mattress.

How we spent the rest of our day was in large part determined by how well we slept. If we slept poorly our day had the potential of following suit. If we rested well and comfortably and got plenty of Z’s our day had the potential of going well. Do you see where I’m going?

It seemed, then, that picking the right mattress was less about the initial cost of the thing and more about it’s added value. We placed value on the comfort level of the mattress and how much sleep we would get over the life of the bed.

Friends, I’m pleased to tell you that our return on investment has paid dividends for many years. My wife and I are both happy and successful at work. I would like to believe that our three children are well-adjusted largely due to the fact their parents are well-rested and therefore more patient.

Every night I hop into bed it feels like the first time. It was money well spent on a quality mattress.

The same goes for anything in your life. If something is worth doing or the product is right for you’ll know by the added value it brings to your life.

Now that I’ve illustrated my point I want to switch gears to the real reason I’m writing to you. I want to talk about a program I’ve recently discovered that has added value to my life and I want to share it with you. It’s called Self-Publishing School.

I’ve wanted to write a book my whole life. I started several children’s fiction books and a few others, but haven’t finished them. Over the years I’ve attended writing seminars and various classes to help improve my craft. I even started this blog to give me an outlet for writing.

Two years ago I submitted my first children’s book to a publisher. I attached my manuscript to an email along with a cover letter to the publisher. It was like sending my baby off to school for the first time. I was an emotional wreck.

I thought all kinds of things. Would they like it? Would it get rejected? What if somebody called my baby ugly? How would l react?

I was so excited and nervous that I didn’t poop for days. Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into months. Finally, came a letter in the mail!

What do you think they said? Almost a year past just waiting to hear that they didn’t want my story. For a lot of people this is where the story ends. For others the process continues month after month as they wait for the next publishing house to respond.

I found a better way. My wife introduced me to something that has changed my life. If you want to write a book, spend less time waiting to publish, and make passive income while you work on your next bestseller, then I urge you to click on the link below.

Click here for a better way.

The folks at Self-Publishing School have mastered the process of writing and self-publishing. The link will take you to a series of four free video trainings. In these videos you’ll meet my friend Chandler Bolt who will walk you through the steps of his success.

His Mastermind Community awaits writers and entrepreneurs like you. Yes, I said entrepreneurs.

Writing a book isn’t the end-all. You want the world to hear your voice. You have something to say. You need to market your book and sell it, right.

Click here if you’re ready to write your book.

This link will take you inside where Chandler Bolt will explain how to use online tools to help you market your book in order to reach bestseller in your category.

Using the link above will grant you access to four free videos. Once inside you’ll see testimonials from successful Self-Publishing School graduates. Imagine yourself in their place one day.

It won’t take much searching to find answers to your question about SPS, but you need to click the link below in order to start digging. Once you’re satisfied you’ll be asked for your name and email address. You will received an email with a link to four free videos and more information about the school.

Enrollment to Self-Publishing School is not always open and we’re looking for committed students. Students committed to investing in their success as an author.

Follow this link and enter your name and email address to receive a free video guide to self publishing.

Click here for your free guide to self publishing.

I’m grateful I did.

W. Brandon Callor

SPS Master student/blogger


2 responses to “Return on Investment

    • Ha ha. “Didn’t poop for days.”
      I’m not usually one for the potty humor, but it sure makes my 8 year old boy crack up so maybe that’s why I laughed when I read that info.

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