Happy Pi Day

I couldn’t let this momentous day pass without saying something. Although my family isn’t big on pie, we are mathematically savvy. We’ve been looking forward to this day for some time.

My genius brother is a math major and brilliant at explaining abstract mathematical theories and concepts. He seems to have an answer for everything from religion to astrophysics that he can explain using topological dynamics. I’m very proud of him, but sometimes he speaks right over my head. I love you bro.

It just so happens that he had a birthday this week and is probably eating pie as we speak. Happy Pi Day/Birthday, Nick!

In any case, celebration of today got me thinking about commemorations and anniversaries. After all, this is a red-letter day since we can carry Pi to a greater degree twice in one day, [3-14-15 at 9:26:53], Pi = 3.141592653. It’s a magical moment for all you math geeks out there. I’m proud to be part of this geekdom.

It’s days like today that bring people together. These moments can unify large groups of people all over the world. Even something as silly as eating a desert at the same time. I know people who don’t have access to pie who will go to great lengths to find a worthy alternative such as a cake to eat just so they don’t miss the opportunity.

Times like these nurture hope in my heart that humanity isn’t lost. Some people still possess that child-like attribute of wonder and excitement for the simple things in life. Be one of those people.

You have one more chance today to throw caution to the wind and forget your diet for your chance to join the rest of the world by eating pie at nine twenty-six and fifty-three seconds tonight. Or find a fun alternative.

Pie alternative

Banana Cream Pie Yoplait

Pie alternative

Pie alternative, fruit and coconut coffee creamer

Join me friends and raise a toast to Pi.

Bon appetit!


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