The Real “Body of Proof”, ABC4 News

Kim Fischer of ABC4 News presented a piece about the Office of the Medical Examiner (OME) this week. The article aired Tuesday night at 10:00 just after the television program, Body of Proof. I thought the story came together very well.

She interviewed Dr. Joe White, one of six medical examiners at the OME. He did a fine job discussing the difference between television and real life. He said that the cases many television programs build upon are true and DO happen, but only occur 1 to 2 times a year in the whole country. He also dispelled the belief that DNA evidence can be obtained and help solve a crime within an hour t.v. program. He said, “In reality things move much more slowly.”

I think that most of you already know or have some idea of the differences between television and reality, but this piece will give you a glimpse into the life of a Utah State Medical Examiner. I even had a brief appearance toward the end of the segment. See if you can spot me. I’ve included a link to ABC4, The Real “Body of Proof”. Please enjoy. I’ve also included pictures taken by myself and staff of Kim’s visit to the OME with her permission, of course, to post them.

Kim Fischer, (ABC4 News) and Brandon Callor, (OME Morgue Supervisor)

Appropriate work attire for the medical examiner.

Show time.

From left to right: Todd, Josh, Kim, Joe, Dean, Brandon


4 responses to “The Real “Body of Proof”, ABC4 News

  1. That’s really cool.Brandon. I wish I wouldst been there for that, but ive been really busy. I do plan on picking up some extra shifts next week if that’s aught.

    • The text associated with the video on ABC4 website is the entire script of the video. Thanks for watching. By the way, how are you and Michelle and Sydney? We miss you all. Have a great weekend.

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