KTVX Visit to the Morgue

Kim Fischer with ABC4 visited the Office of the Medical Examiner today with camera man, Todd. We had fun explaining our jobs and answering questions that I’m sure many of you have regarding the work performed at the OME.

I admit that my concerns going into this were completely disolved within the first ten minutes of our visit. We also had representation from Utah Department of Health public relations office who helped greatly. The Deputy Chief Medical Examiner made it clear what he would not allow and the news crew respected his rules.

Kim and Todd were great to work with. I’m looking forward to the story airing sometime next week. I was told that it might air next Tuesday night. It will run in conjunction with the television program, Body of Proof, that runs on Channel 4.

Now, you may or may not see me on television depending on how they cut the B-roll. The point was to follow the medical examiner, so Kim interviewed one of our Assistant Medical Examiners, Dr. Joe White.

I’m looking forward to the story. Please follow this link to ABC4 and watch for the piece on the State Medical Examiner featuring Kim Fischer. http://www.abc4.com/content/about_4/bios/kimfischer/default.aspx


2 responses to “KTVX Visit to the Morgue

  1. Sweet! We will be watching for it. I love Body of Proof and always think while I’m watching that you should be writing some of their storylines!

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