Happy Holidays!

Although the season has come quickly and is on its way out almost as fast, I can admit without reservation that I’ve been truly happy. I have been fortunate to take a week of vacation from work. Reflecting on the past week I would like to share something with you all that I find interesting. It has to do with stress and how stress affects mood. You may already know this truth, but I would like to share my experience.

Assisting the medical examiner by performing autopsies on corpses everyday along with managing a morgue, (including personnel,) can induce a fair amount of stress-as you might imagine. There are times that I have no patience for my children after a long day on the job. I have trouble concentrating, accompanied by frequent headaches. My digestive system is a wreck. It’s very difficult to maintain a greater perspective.

In contrast, after a week away from the stress of work I’m a new man. I adore my children and have had a blast playing with them over the holiday. I can sit down and enjoy reading a book without worrying about what needs to be done. I’ve even accomplished several home repairs with enthusiasm I might add. I’ve been able to regain perspective. This season is helpful for that even if you’re not religious. New Year’s resolutions are perfect for adjusting and re-setting your life goals. (Speaking of resolutions, one of my goals is to post more often. Please look forward to more from Brandcall and Max Art.)

Even though this time-off has recharged my batteries, so-to-speak, I admit that it didn’t happen all at once. It took several days to recover from the “death doldrums”- as I call them. On the first day of vacation I was still worried that something might go wrong while I was away. On the second day of vacation I was less nervous about being away from work, but still signed-in on the network to see how the case-load was. On the third day of vacation I called the office to make sure everything was going well. I also responded to several work emails. (I should note that by the third day I was more relaxed and my concern for the office was out of genuine concern for personnel.) On the fourth day of vacation I was cured of any care for work. I finished reading a book I’d checked out from the library a week earlier. I played laser tag with my children and took a walk with my lovely wife and our pooch. On the fifth day of vacation I slept-in without any regret. I smiled all day and didn’t criticize a single driver as we drove to Grandma’s house. Sixth day of vacation – blissful. More sleeping late. More playing with the kiddies. Seventh day of vacation, “What job?”

Now, here I am on the eighth day of vacation and I’m actually thinking fondly on the workplace. I miss my co-workers, and some of the genuine worry for their welfare has returned, but it’s not affecting my mood. We have a fun day planned in preparation for the New Year celebration. I am happy! lol 🙂 giggles (Inside joke with my wife. Watch Four Christmases for reference.)

I hope you all get the opportunity to take some time off work. While doing so please take the time to relax and unwind. I wish you all a great and prosperous new year.


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