Fireballs of the Uckaris

The Chief Medical Examiner told me a story a long time ago about a transcription error that he found humorous. It sounded very unique – like my experience with, “an agreeable beast on the abdomen.” Apparently it’s more common that I had originally thought because I heard that same story more recently from another medical examiner. Now I’m going to share it with you.

Instead of typing, “fibroids of the uterus,” the transcriptionist typed, “fireballs of the Uckaris.”

What is a Uckaris? Well, I asked Max to give us his best interpretation and this is what he came up with. Please enjoy Max Art’s rendition of, “Fireballs of the Uckaris.”

Max Art's, Fireballs of the Uckaris


2 responses to “Fireballs of the Uckaris

  1. I love this one the best! Watching Max draw it was classic! He took so much time and really thought through it! plus you can see his humor shinning through! Classic!

  2. Oh how I love funny twists in language. Especially when it’s someone else making the mistake and not me lol. Great one! You and Max never cease to amaze me! I agree, love it! 🙂

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