Arachnophobia of the Skull

I had a fun and fortuitous experience at work the other day when I misunderstood the medical examiner as she described a developmental phenomenon in the skull to a couple of medical students. I was bathing the decedent with a sponge upon completion of the autopsy, (we sometimes refer to our patients as decedents rather than corpses,) while the medical examiner stood at the head examining the open skull cavity. She pointed out small dimples in the inside of the top of the skull and asked the students if they knew what they were called and their purpose or cause. When they couldn’t answer I heard her say something very strange through the background noise of Nickleback rockin’ over the stereo and clanging metal from the adjacent autopsy station begin washed. I heard the medical examiner tell the medical students that the tiny indentations were called arachnophobia and that although the arachnophobia present in this skull were very small she had seen larger.

Incredulously I asked, “Did you just say arachnophobia on the skull?”

With a chuckle the doctor replied,”No, they’re called arachnoid fovea.”

I smiled and thanked her for helping me discover my next Morgue Musing blog post and my son’s next interpretive art project. Please enjoy Arachnophobia of the Skull as presented by Max Art.

Frightened skeleton

Max Art's Arachnophobia


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