Fowl Play Suspected

Alfred Hitchock's The Birds trailer

Image via Wikipedia

This illustration should need no explanation. This case of mistaken “word” identity is fairly standard for the medical examiner to solve while reading an investigative summary. We see this misused homophone often in reports. The imagery it creates can be entertaining: anything from a flock of seagulls disturbing a crime scene to hundreds of birds swarming a man-as in Daphne du Maurier’s novelette, The Birds. (The source of Alfred Hitchcock’s inspiration for his film of the same title.) Below you’ll witness an eight-year-old’s interpretation.

Fowl Play

Max Art: an eight-year-old's perception

If you’ve enjoyed the first two drawings, as I have, then you’ll certainly derive pleasure from the next few. The next several drawings will be Max Art interpretations of autopsy reports gone awry during transcription.


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