Manor of Death

It’s not what you think. I’m not talking about a house of death here. Can you decipher the meaning? I’ll give you a hint: this is what the Medical Examiner determines and is related to cause of death. I’ll post the answer in my next installment of Morgue Musing.

As part of every death investigation a medicolegal death investigator writes a narrative regarding the specific case. Often times misspelled words find their way into these reports. Also, innocently placed homophones can critically change the meaning of a sentence and sometimes make it humorous to read.

This type of thing also happen in exam reports when the transcriptionist types exactly what she hears. (Anticipate examples of this type in future posts.) They can be quite funny and sometimes difficult to decode.

Max Art: an eight-year-old's perception



2 responses to “Manor of Death

  1. Did your Max really do the artwork? He is extremely talented! I love the “manor of death” . I’ve enjoyed your posts and hope for more enlightenment. I can relate somewhat – though my job is to prevent folks from coming your way.

    • Yes, Domenic is a very good artist. He loves to draw. I’m glad you’re there to prevent people from coming my way. Thanks for your compliments on my posts. I hope to not disappoint. 🙂

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