Testing! Testing!

Buon giorno! Well, here it goes. This first attempt at blogging reminds me of testing a microphone in front of an un-expecting crowd. I tap the mic, clear my throat, “Um, testing, testing!” Do I continue by saying, “1-2-3.” No! My voice came across the PA a lot louder than I expected. Now, startled and somewhat embarrassed I look around noticing that all eyes are on me. I make eye contact with a smiling woman in the front row. Her encouraging expression is calming. My eyes pan up the amphitheater toward the back seats and spot several young people bent at their waists scurrying in opposite directions toward scattered empty seats. “Hello,” I say. The mic responds with a high shrill. Everyone is seated.

Now that I have your attention, may I introduce myself. I’m an aspiring writer like many of you. I’ve been putting ideas on paper for a long time, and now it’s time to share them with you. I would like to offer a series called “Morbid Curiosity”- to begin with. My posts will consist of weekly anecdotes, from the world of the medical examiner, meant to entertain and to educate. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I will enjoy writing them.

Until next time, remember, it is always better to be seen than to be viewed. (I heard this bit of morbid jocularity from a mortician friend.) Ciao.


4 responses to “Testing! Testing!

    • I look forward to your comments. If there is anything you are particularly interested in please advise. I’d be thrilled to publish a post to satisfy your curiosity. I’ll do my best to keep my comments as benign as possible. Thanks for following.

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